Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 245: All Is Right On My Desk

Any of my OG classmates should be well accustomed to my...CDO ten - dencies. Know what CDO means? It's "OCD" written the way it should be: ALPHA-FUCKING-BETICAL!! YEEEEEUH!

In class Wednesday morning I had to laugh at myself; still unable to find that comfort zone when something wasn't in an appropriately laid out spot. Pen turned the wrong way? It was repositioned. Notebook not flush with the edge of the table? It would be soon enough. Everything at specific angles and so on. Even the front logo/label of my water bottle is pointing directly at me, which is more thank cool. I just can't rest until everything is positioned just so.

Of course, even finding comfort in this, I found myself thinking fondly of my partners in crime - former partners in crime. One in particular would tease me at great length by moving a pen out of sync, turning a folder at an odd angle, or turning my water bottle around. Major no-no, but I loved her so I couldn't hate her. Hell, I found my weirdness as funny as she probably did. And I loved her - them - intensely.

Even when one of them stole my Sniffle Spray, which resulted in me making a very late night trip to buy more (because I can't be okay with a cheaper brand), I had to love her still. Nothing but love.

She knows who she is ;) There's more than one, but the prime lady ending with the suffix of "-AY" knows. Oh, and one final pic for fun. Can you tell me what's wrong with it? What's seriously wrong with it?


  1. pens arent arranged alphabetically by color...

  2. Actually, my pens are arranged to most frequent usage. The pencil is used frequently, so it's on the left, and the green ink is used the least, so it's on the right.

    What is wrong has something to do with the blue...