Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 248: Yeah, I did it! All surprised don't act! Crazy I am!

Yeah, Rob might be a little irritated that I did this to his Yoda plush, but at least Yoda isn't touching my private regions like he was in another pic. That was some hardcore Jedi on sweaty, vinegar - scented, testicular action. Makes me wonder if fruit flies have started to gather around Yoda's face.

Why I love to give Rob so much shit is open to debate. Frankly, I give a lot of people shit, but Rob more so than most. I look at him and I see an intelligent and awesome mofo (aside from him not having seen "Mister Mom" and knowing who "David Prowse" is). Yet...I can't not lay it down on this man.

It's been that way for years too, and I know I'm not alone in this. Teetoe (Tha D or Darius) for those of y'all who know him better has also generously dished out the shit for years and years. Rob's buddy Andy (not me) has also been known to dish it out like Rob was his adopted, red-headed stepchild. Others, I'm sure, would proudly say that they've nearly pushed Rob over the edge, and yet the kid (Rob) keeps bouncing back, answers with what he perceives as vigor, then realizes we couldn't hear him from all the way down there without his loud speaker. When you're that short, all your words become muffled.

In all seriousness, the dude's great. He and I share many of the same interests, Star Wars being chief among them, though I doubt he's ballsy enough to rock Yoda on his body. Sure, he's got a Boba Fatt or some gay name or something on his shoulder. Might be the logo for a Coruscanti Gay Pride Club for all I know.

Now, to get his ass to San Diego Comic Con before his organs fail on me.

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  1. i love me some Rob too. maybe it was when we first watched Baseketball, that we adopted him as *little bitch*. good times.