Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5: Phanny Beau Got Warhol'ed!!

Some of my very favorite shots of Phanny and I are of the two of us making super silly faces. Even if it's just one of us (usually me) making the silly face, that's cool. It still ends up looking quite a bit better than a shot of me trying to look good. The aptitude to take a good photo was not given to me by the Gods.

This was taken via my Macbook Pro (if you don't know, now you and the Photobooth application. If you pay attention to my Facebook then you may have seen a video pop up with the two of us sharing a tender moment, however altered our faces were by Photobooth.

Now, I'm gonna take my ass to the couch and chill. Maybe imbibe some super hot liquids to make my froat feel better, and then a nap...perhaps.

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