Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Andy's 365(+1) of '12 Explanation

Greetings and Salutations my Andy-Villians!! As I've said in my previous blog, "another book closes so another can open." As one project ends so shall another begin. Yes, Andy is going through it all again, but this time will be a bit different and significantly less time consuming.

Previous project involved posting a photo a day and a small (or less small) blog to go with the pic of choice. The blogging was both my favorite and most problematic part of the whole she-bang. Instead, I'll collect a week's worth of self-involved photos - meaning I will be in the photos, not always the main subject - and post them at the end of the week. Instead of each photo being the inspiration for it's own write up, I'll do a week's end blog for the whole set, maybe. Each photo will have a one-liner title, a brief description if you will. Perhaps I'll do a blog per day, just minimizing the amount of writing. Hmm...

Also, I'll be posting both on and for a time, which will expose me to using a site I find appealing as the reader. If I hate it, then I hate and I will end my use of it.

Read on if you so desire, and don't if you don't so desire. No offense taken, but it could be fun coffee reading. Expect my usual level of wit and satire, peppered with the certain examples of eloquently using the word "fuck."

'Til next time my Andy-villians!!!

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