Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: Just for you Amy, and maybe for me too.

There ya' go Amy. I looked long at the three photos we amassed, very concerned over the appearance of my chin/neck area. Not wanting to appear as an overly chubby individual, I was close to choosing the photo that made me look better and you worse. Not that you looked "bad," but there was definitely a deer-caught-in-the-headlights thing goin' on.

Oh, also Amy, I will embark upon a new series of bad parking job photos. At the onset of this project I was more focused on myself being in the photos, and didn't see a possibly of fitting myself into the photo along with the moronic parking jobs. However, the solution now seems so simple that I ought to punish myself for not having thought of it sooner. Excuse me while I retreat to my pleasure room and flog myself.

Not perhaps my oldest friend, but an oldie nonetheless. If memory serves, we didn't exactly have the most cordial of meetings early on. In fact, I remember my attitude towards you led me to exhibit some rudeness to your twin sister, a sister I'd go on to date for several years. Funny how things turn out.

Funny indeed how things turn out. During high school I had no major hopes and dreams. Immediately post high school, still I had no major hopes and dreams. Nearing age 23, I experienced my first of many apostrophes; this one discovering that I was indeed a loser and wouldn't date myself ever were I the most desperate person on Earth. Not that I had delusions of grandeur just yet, but I definitely had a fire burning my ass that needed to be extinguished, which led me to donning my Army greens and pretending to be Rambo at every chance permitted.

Fast forward to now. Before I move on, I wish I could interject sounds into my blogs so that as you read "fast forward" you heard the sound of a tape cassette being fast forwarded. C'mon, it hasn't been so long that you've forget that higher pitched, squiggly sound, has it?

Here I am at a point where a goal held for several years is not in question. In question because the path to that goal has been disrupted and it's likely I'll finish that goal elsewhere rather than at the original institution planned. Not only has my path been littered with some obstacles, but other pathways are now visible off in the distance. Not new choices at all, but rediscovered ones; ones long forgotten in lieu of a more sensible one.

Whether or not I embark upon those newly rediscovered paths, I can't say as of yet. "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future;" the words of a lil' green man of some reknown, depending on your level of geekiness.

There have been other unexpected developments that I've talked about more extensively in the previous year's project, and will likely be discussed further in this year's project. Which brings me to a point:

I've enjoyed the random posting of self-portrait styled photos, but I need to alter it a bit. Not really alter it, but take more liberties. Every other day or so, I intend to write a monster blog of sorts. Something to keep myself writing more and more. These two and three line blogs were starting to bug me and I felt trapped in a way.

Ah well....Stay Tuned My Beloved Andy-Villians!!

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