Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 173: The Landscape Changes

Just outside the Ground Round I took this shot after, for a few seconds, reflecting on the change in landscapes throughout my years. I can only imagine the changes my parents must have witnessed throughout their lives. An apothecary gives way to an office building, woodland gives way to a mall, or a classic business gives way to a parking lot.

You can see vestiges of the older businesses here and there. Faded writing on the sides of buildings downtown are good indicators. Go into Jaxon Pizza Factory and take a gander at the vast number of photos that are a sort of museum for Jackson. Crack open those old family albums or turn on the ole' slide shows most people gagged at having to see back in the good old days.

I'll probably touch on this again in the near future, but I'm moving on for now. Stay tuned....

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