Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 171: Such a goober....I blinked.

Friday nights at JCo are always a cool thing, unless the music either sucks or tries to preach to the crowd; thankfully, it isn't often either happens.

Every once in a while, there's an act worth buying their album or giving a decent tip. Though no tip will ever be as great as the tip I give to the gal or guy that belts out "Freebird" upon request. Getting an autograph is cool, but it's not something I often think of when I have the opportunity for which to ask.

This pretty young lady, Rebecca Ann Henry for those interested, was one such talented act that I decided just before leaving to take one of the photos JCo had posted around the place and run up to ask for her autograph. Her voice and show are stellar enough that even her knowledgeable lacking of the music I, and others, threw at her. Tom Petty did Freebird? C'mon! I mean, I could think of situations where I'd want to slap her (heh heh), but this was of the less titillating manner of which I speak.

Forgive me, I digress. Back to the autograph business.

Her reaction to being asked for an autograph was total coolness. I was privileged to see a ridiculously wide smile, which warmed the very cockles of my heart (cockles mind you, cockles). She professed so much appreciation at the gesture, that I will forever be a fan of this girl. Her voice alone is worth listening to, but her attitude made me love this girl. help her expand her knowledge of the musical greats ;)

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