Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 169: 169/636

Having a conversation every so often with a friend doing a very similar thing to my own project - in fact the very same thing - I wonder if I'm cheating by changing the parameters every so often. Initially, my only focus was the photography. Many use self portraits, but I thought that oddly boring, though I may start focusing on self shots with other people to help show the passage of time from a more personal view. Instead of self portraits I embraced a different take of shooting things, people, places or whatever sight struck me as photo worthy or story worthy, which touches on the next parameter of my variation on the project.

Instead of just taking and posting photos, I decided to post a short anecdote to go along with the photo; to that end, you see the visual results of the project but also a glimpse of what thoughts the photo evoked. Even though the writing aspect of the project has hindered me in some ways, it's become one of my favorite parts of the project. I say "hindered" but I'm not sure if that's the best word. Committing to writing for each photo puts an increased amount of time necessary for each entry and often I find myself pushing the project off 'til later and next thing you know, as in recent days/weeks, I'm nearly two weeks behind and I begin skipping the writing in favor of just getting shit posted.

Would that be cheating? Or am I still holding true to the original spirit of the project? I have my own thoughts on it, but I'm also curious as to what others think. Mostly Jamie, as her project is running parallel to my own.

I tried to snap the shot with my camera, but I couldn't get a good shot indicating the number of photos in that album; the album consisting of the photos I have taken, but didn't make the cut into the project. Acknowledging that it's a screen shot brings up another alteration to the original. In several cases, I've opted to use a screenshot from my 'puter versus a photo taken with my camera. How does that play into the mindset of it being a photo project?

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  1. So I thought about this for a while after we chatted last night. I've determined that we chose to do this - for whatever reason - and said right from the get go that we were doing this our own way. There are no rules other than 1 photo per day - which while we both have done, we don't always post. Whether we choose to blog on every picture or not is our choice. This is your project - not someone else's. You are doing this for you - not someone else. So what if you don't blog. So what if it's a cheesy picture - it's for you and that's enough.