Thursday, September 27, 2012


A man, completely naked save for being covered in cling wrap, walks into his psychiatrist's office. The psychiatrist takes one look at the man and proclaims, "I can clearly see your nuts."

Jokes aside, I'm here to talk about being naked. Not in a pornographic, bow-chicka-wow, ready to get down to doin' the nasty sort of way, but simply just being in a state of wearing no clothing.

Which brings to mind a series of questions and suggestions. When was the last time (besides getting some action) that you were naked? In the shower, perhaps? Did you immediately get dressed after the shower? Did you remain naked for any length of time after the shower? There are other questions that warrant being asked. Questions like, "do you sleep naked," "do you walk around the house naked," or "do anything naked outside of showering or sex?"

Not that any of these questions truly require answers. Share if you want, but they're really posed to make you think. They are of a mildly personal nature, so no worries if you keep things to yourself. Coming across as a creepy pervert was never intended.

I'm more intent on opening up discussion on the topic, for several reasons. One of the reasons being is that in recent years I haven't found enough time to be naked, other than sleeping and washing. Circumstances led me to choosing to live at home with parents for a time, and circumstances have - recently - made it a necessity. Not really interested in explaining to them my desire to be naked, I grin and tolerate a more clothed period of my life.

For the record, I don't consider myself a "nudist" or "naturist" by any means. Yes, I've been to resorts, but "nudist" is a label which some may try to place on me and I shun such labels. I simply find it more comfortable and enjoyable to not wear anything. Also, as enjoyable being naked outdoors might be, I feel no strong desire to go out of my way to be naked in public. I have no qualms about seeing others naked, nor being naked in front of others, but I've never felt compelled to organize naked events. Again, to reiterate, I just enjoy being naked.

Recently, I had a dream in which I rocked it with naught but a smile on my face and the breeze on my backside. The result of this dream invigorated my desire to be in the buff. Previously thinking myself not needing to be nude, it's now quite the contrary. I desperately miss spending more time naked. Even to the point I'd consider a resort in the near future, warmer weather permitting. 

Some may wonder why I want to live a more exposed lifestyle, and it's not always make them understand. Simple to explain, but not so easy in the understanding. I'll try to make myself clear.

NOT something I need to do nude.
Things I'd do naked, if it were more of an option: 
- read
- lay around
- feed the dog
- sit on the porch and drink a beer
- play video games
- go for a walk (legality and locale depending)

Get the picture? It doesn't matter what I'd do, it's just a matter of feeling more at ease and relaxed. Not that I'd force it on my friends, and there's also matters of safety to consider. For example, you won't see me roller blading without clothing and protective gear any time soon. Likewise, when the temps drop, I'm going to bundle up as much as the next person.

Relating to an earlier blog, I find it therapeutic and enhancing of meditation. Depending on the goals of meditation, being naked can really expose the body and mind to a variety of stimuli. You become more aware of changes in temperature and of the force of the wind, if outside. 

I do this all the time too!
Contributing to it's therapeutic effect, when naked there is no chance of feeling restricted or bothered by clothes. Not that I don't need to lose a few pounds, but my wardrobe has been ill-fitting for some time. Drop my draws and it's on like Donkey Kong! Long have I heard women can't wait to get home to take off their bras, so I know it can't be too hard to understand. Also, when cold at night, add more blankets and remove clothing. You'll stay warmer that way.

Addressing a prudish view of nudity, there is a belief that nudity equals sex, which is far from the case. Being naked may expose our sex organs, but just by taking off my clothes doesn't inherently mean a person wants sex. Using my own views as an example, I get more aroused by a woman in various stages of undress than when she is entirely naked. Think of strip clubs: how enticing would it be for the women to just stand on stage naked without the dancing or an undressing? My point is, arousal is more situational, requiring a building up process. Foreplay or pheromones, there is more to sex than just being naked. 

Dare to Bare, my Andy-villians! I'll go about my business and do my thing, and you shall do yours. Think I'm gross, weird, or a perv, then so be it.

While not "me," it isn't too far from my nude reality.

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